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For as long as I can remember I’ve been seeking to learn the truth of why we are here, what is this world really about and what exactly I am meant to be doing here. Keenly aware that there is more to life than what we experience with our five senses and always a sense of wanting to go home – but not knowing where home is.

I’ve been searching for the answers and been down many a spiritual and therapeutic pathway. Alongside this, I’ve been playing the game in the matrix spending a couple of decades in the world of business, training and management and a fair few years in the world of counseling, psychotherapy and coaching. Through a serendipitous meeting, I was guided to Openhand in 2010, and there I found a group of people and philosophy that deeply resonated and supported me in finding the answers – which were of course always inside of me – and everything has finally begun to fall into place.

    The Openhand way and its route map, the 5GATEWAYS, helped immensely in my unraveling, unfolding and reconnection on a level I’d never experienced before. It has been a natural progression to become an Openhand facilitator, and I find it fits in beautifully with the other work that I do.

I am very down to earth, have a great sense of humour and I’m quite practical which provides a balance to my highly intuitive, sensitive and empathic nature. I have finally come to a place where I recognise that my life experiences, my personality and my star soul experiences, have enabled me to have a foot in both worlds – as a human being engaging in the 3D, and as a multi-dimensional being bringing through higher energies.

My Service

Through the Soul Facilitation service that I offer, there is time and space to explore and process whatever is coming up for you at this time. I’ve been to many dark places myself, and alongside clients, so I will be there with you. I’ve also experienced the natural ecstasy of my soul and embracing and working with higher energies – I will be there with you also! I’m not perfect, I’m still unfolding, evolving and at times unraveling, but I’m firmly on the path and very much honoured to work with other people wherever they may be on theirs.

    I offer Soul Facilitation face to face and via Skype.
    You can contact me by email:
    Each session lasts about 1½ hours and costs £70.
    For more information about my service and me you can visit my website at...

Stage 1 Facilitator

Openhand is blessed to have such a widely and deeply experienced facilitator as Amy on board. There is a great truth in facilitation: you can only ever help someone to the degree you've processed yourself, and to the depth you've gone yourself. Amy has always courageously dived into density, and therefore, mastered powerful, and empathically intuitive, ways through it. Whatever density and challenges you're facing, she'll hold a loving space with you and shine the light through it. She also has tremendous higher dimensional connection, with the support of her own etheric 'team', which she'll supportively bring to any engagement. You'll be in wise and loving hands! ... Open

Amy - I feel so safe and loved when I am in your presence. You just get stuff from having travelled so deeply yourself.

To anyone reading... I wholeheartedly recommend Amy as a facilitator to help through challenges - to help you see your own light amidst those challenges. To me, Amy has a wonderful balance of empathy and inner spirit warrior strength.

Hey Amy! I love your website. It has a very knowing, yet soft feel to it. I especially like how you've courageously come out to just be yourself in a world with a lot of limitation.

You have a such a great blend of power and softness, and who would not feel welcome with that smile?!

Great to see you here.


The energy emanating from your beautiful photo carries me beyond to a treasure trove of ancient, shamanic wisdom and to a vision of you, golden stardust, powerful warrior of love, child of the universe, dancing to the beat of your own drum and to the heartbeat of Mother Earth as you boogie on back to the garden, helping others find the way!

Best-est of Wishes on the joyful launch of your soul facilitation services!



So happy to see u joining the Team Amy . I had the immense pleisure to meet u this summer and connect with your unique energetic wisdom touch . Wishing u all the best and looking forward to meet again soon .
Big Hug , Much love

You are radiating in this photo :) It was lovely to connect with you this summer. You have such a wonderful way of balancing the light and the dark. I love your stark honesty and sense of humor. It was inspiring to watch you express your gifts and connect with your soul family. Anyone working with you will benefit greatly. Wishing you well.
With love,

Dear Amy,

Exciting to see you here Amy! When I read your biography, most of it reads as if you wrote mine! I particularly like and resonate with:
'I’m not perfect, I’m still unfolding, evolving and at times unraveling, but I’m firmly on the path and very much honoured to work with other people wherever they may be on theirs.'
I am sure many are going to benefit greatly from your assistance on their path! As I already had the privilege to personally experience in La Palma!

Much love! *give_rose*


Yeah! Amy it is awesome to see you shining! You are a total rockstar! Authentically delivering honest reflections with a twinkle in your eye, often a bit of humor and always a deep natural empathy. Love your website - it's such a beautiful reflection of you!! Much love to you as you bring even more of your gifts into the world. Jen

Oh wow, feel truly blessed reading all your comments and to know you all :) Thank you Open, Trinity, Emilia, Richard, Cathy, Jean, Kim, Marije and Jen. And thanks for the feedback on my website - it's had many incarnations over the years but now finally feels right and it's heartening that you guys see it as a beautiful reflection. Huge love *KISSED*

So excited and inspired to see this... Amy you are, as Jen said, a rockstar! Open hearted soul embodiment. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to work with you this summer - I felt seen, heard, held and uplifted. You met me wherever I was, laughing or crying. Thanks Amy. And congratulations on facilitation.
Much love,